Slug: new-weblog-api Date: 2002-01-24 Title: New Weblog API? layout: post

Techno-Weenie has a proposal for a Common XML-RPC API for Weblogs. While I tend to think of such things as a good idea, in this case I think the API is too specific to Blogger and Manila - the two largest blog hosting services.

Perhaps I've been spoiled (of course!) but Conversant has one of the most extensive XML-RPC APIs I've seen, and in general its weblog functionality is far superior to other offerings I've tried. While I would like to see Conversant supporting these efforts one day in the interest of compatibilty (as it does now with the Blogger API), I probably would not use it.

In fact (as you may notice, evidenced by longer posts) I've been using a custom Radio Userland Tool called Radio Conversant to post to my weblog, edit messages, edit templates, etc. It's coooool, and makes extensive use of Conversant's wonderous API. ;-)