Slug: new-work-ivy-architectural-innovations Date: 2007-04-21 Title: “New Work: Ivy Architectural Innovations” layout: post

Newly launched: Ivy Architectural Innovations, a website for a small but creative architectural firm (suspiciously run by some guy also with the last name of Ivy) in Virginia Beach, VA.

>Working closely with our clients and their staffs in a two or three day design charrette creates excitement and shortens the length of the schematic design phase. But the greatest benefit is the building of a cohesive, solid goal espoused by all.

This was an exciting project for me - I've designed the last 3 websites for Ivy Architectural Innovations, starting back in 1997 while I was still with Artlab Europe, and this one is the one I'm happiest with. I like that it doesn't obviously look like a CMS-backed site (it's Drupal-powered).