Slug: note-to-self Date: 2004-01-27 Title: Note To Self layout: post

Don't cut off a cop in an unmarked SUV who's driving his daughter to school in the morning. Bad idea.

I thought the street I was turning onto was two-lane at that point, and thought I was turning into the near lane - it was only after he slowed dramatically that I realized he had no where to turn into…. D'oh!!!

Anyway, when he asked if I knew why he'd pulled me over, I honestly told him that I'd cut him off, and apologized sincerely. He took my license and went back to radio it in - that's when I noticed the young girl in the passenger seat in my rear-view mirror. Crap, I thought. I cut off a cop with his daughter in the car. I'm dead.

Fortunately he let me off with a warning. Whew. Thanks God.