Slug: oh-yeah-compromise-my-network Date: 2001-02-03 Title: Oh, yeah, compromise my network! layout: post

Dave writes: "Prediction. Look for users sneaking DSL lines into offices much as they snuck in Apple IIs in the early 80s. From there it's a simple matter of setting up departmental LANs that are fully part of the Internet and unencumbered by system managers and firewalls."

I'm sorry - firewalls may be a little problem for Dave's next big thing- but they are put there for a reason, to protect the corporate network from those who would compromise it. There's a reason that network admins freak when you hook a phone line to the modem in your desktop machine - that's an open door past the firewall.

Solving the problem of getting content from my machine to the world is going to take better software, not sieve-like networks.