Slug: on-embedded-tweets-part-deux Date: 2010-05-04 Title: On Embedded Tweets, Part Deux layout: post

While there’s no reason to criticize Twitter’s new “embedding” service on technical grounds, there are a few reasons to criticize it on usefulness grounds. When I last spoke of this, I was looking for a tool that would let us curate groups of tweets:

I want a tool that lets me checkbox a bunch of my recent tweets, and then lets me post them all to my blog as a single post /cc @lazytweetless than a minute ago via Tweetie

Blackbird Pie, an awful mouthful (oooo pun!) to say, is useful for the one-off post or so, but for someone like Marshall Kirkpatrick, it’s too slow to generate the code for each tweet for a post. What’s needed (IMHO) is an “embed this” button on every tweet’s permalink page - ideally, next to every tweet right next to “reply” and “retweet”.

The next step would be a tool (not necessarily from Twitter, but it makes the most sense) that allows you to capture a group of tweets and generate the “embed” code all at once (as a nerd I hate that word because of the technical implications). This is what I was looking for the other day and what I think has the most value from a curation standpoint.