Slug: on-the-road-again Date: 2007-03-21 Title: On The Road Again layout: post

Well, Jodi broke the news. Not that it was a secret. In fact you, dear Reader, may be the last person to know that Jodi and I have begun another adoption. :-) This time around we're working with a large well-connected agency, WACAP, and we're planning on going to Russia.

As 99% of you know, Adelina is deaf. Learning what that means for her and for us has been a challenging road for Jodi and I, and it's been an exciting road. We've learned more about ourselves in the last months and year than we probably did in the previous 5 years. And we have this bright, blond explosion in our home, teaching us about life in new ways every day! So it's with joy, excitement, anticipation, and not a small amount of terror, that we're setting out to adopt another deaf child.

Yep - we're going looking this time. It's not something we've taken to lightly. For us as hearing parents, Adelina has not required massive changes in our lifestyle - she is very verbal, and communicated quite clearly to us that she wanted to hear and speak. We do sign with Adelina, though in general sign is used in a supporting role. In seeking out another deaf child, we have no idea if s/he will be as auditory/verbal as Adelina, or more visual/sign-oriented. We're completely open to either, which is why (as Jodi also mentions) we're enrolled in a local community college ASL class and are working hard on wrapping some proper grammar around our moderate vocabulary. I also finally pulled the tv out from the wall and braved the morass of a/v and network cables behind it to re-connect our VP, so we're once again able to connect with our deaf friends (sorry for the down-time guys, blame it on the network idiot who forgot how to connect the thing…). (waves to Sasha)

Well, more later. Back to work!