Slug: oreilly-and-doubleclick Date: 2001-02-16 Title: O’Reilly and Doubleclick layout: post

I just noticed while browsing O'Reilly's P2P site that all their ad links are redirected through DoubleClick's servers. I have my browser set to refuse most cookies, especially DoubleClick's.

Doubleclick has had run-ins with privacy advocates in the past, especially since they started using "web-bugs" - single-pixel gifs served from Doubleclick's ad servers design to facilitate user tracking through sites.

Frankly, with O'Reilly's involvement with the open-source community, I'm suprised that they're using DoubleClick.

The open-source and privacy-advocacy communities have a lot of overlap, and I could be wrong, but this seems that it could come back to bite O'Reilly.