Slug: pain-try-aspirin Date: 2007-03-27 Title: Pain? Try Aspirin. layout: post

Jodi and Adelina and I went to her company's family picnic on Saturday, and much fun was had. Of most interest was Jodi's participation in the company horseshoe tournament - she and her partner won their first two games but finally lost as they started to get tired. Pitching big metal horseshoes 30 feet at a time is not as easy as it looks! Ask Jodi and I, who are both nursing sore shoulders and hips! (I did not play in the tournament but I pitched my share of shoes between rounds…) I don't envy Jodi, who as the family Queen Flinger pitched way more horseshoes than I did!

then Saturday night I had worship practice for church, where I played acoustic guitar for the first time in oh, 2.5 years (I play electric bass every few weeks). At the end of practice the fingertips of my left hand were purple and sore. I then had to play Sunday morning fo another practice and then for the service! Needless to say, by then closing song, I was ham-handedly mashing the strings - my grip was shot and every string felt like a needle in my finger! Ouch!

So today, my typing is suffering as my entire left forearm is stiff, and the fingers of my left hand are quite tender. :-(

Oh, anyone recognize the title of this post?