Slug: pampered-guys-nite Date: 2003-04-14 Title: Pampered Guys Nite layout: post

Last night I hosted an all-guys Pampered Chef party in my home. Pampered Chef makes the very coolest kitchen utensils, gadgets, pots, pans, etc… A good friend of ours just became a consultant, and so we offered to host a party.

This party was cool because I invited most every guy I know in my limited social circle to come and see the great stuff they could get either for themselves (I know a lot of guys, including myself, that love to cook) or for their wives for Mother's Day.

We had lots of nachos and chips and stuff as appetizers, as well as this tasty veggie pizza that Donna (our friend the TPC consultant) made. After everyone was there and settled, Donna went through a performance worthy of Emeril, including the previously baked sample Lemon Herb Chicken Ring (mmmmmm), and demonstrated all the cool gear while making dinner.

Man, Donna had an easy audience last night - a bunch of guys, geeking out over the world's coolest can opener ("that's so smooth! You could super-glue that back together and return it, telling them there was nothing in the can, haha!") and the "no-washing" stoneware ("Are there more products made of this miraculous miraculous material?!?" asks one bachelor, with just the right tone of incredulity).

Overall, sales were good, Jodi and I will get some nifty stuff for free, and most of all we had an awesome time with friends, fun, and FOOD!