Slug: photoshopping-photoshop Date: 2006-08-04 Title: Photoshopping Photoshop layout: post

According to Adobe:

>The Photoshop trademark must never be used as a common verb or as a noun. The Photoshop trademark should always be capitalized and should never be used in possessive form, or as a slang term. It should be used as an adjective to describe the product, and should never be used in abbreviated form.

Oh wow, I'd better make sure I'm always compliant with the Permissions and Trademark Guidelines… but wait! I'm looking at PS (photoshop) on my taskbar and what do I see? Photoshop's taskbar label is a Guidelines violation!


Again, according to Adobe:

>Trademarks are proper adjectives and should be followed by the generic terms they describe. > >CORRECT: The image was manipulated using Adobe Photoshop software. > >INCORRECT: The image was manipulated using Photoshop.

Hey! I could comply with the Guidelines and help Adobe do the same! So I photoshopped a quick version that Adobe is welcome to:

proper photoshop