Slug: plazes-to-kml Date: 2007-04-09 Title: Plazes To KML layout: post

UPDATE: this plazes2kml.rb now has it's own page

Chris Messina had a cool idea to map his plazes history onto Google Earth, but needed some programming help. So I whipped up a quick ruby script (GPL and MIT licensed) that can be run to grab the data and output it as KML. It runs from the command line, or from within TextMate with cmd-r.

Find it in my svn repo at:

From the usage:

Usage: ruby plazes2kml.rb [options]
plazes2kml downloads your Plazes history and converts
    it into a Google Earth KML file
    --username USERNAME          your developer key
    --dev-key DEVELOPER_KEY      your username
    --password PASSWORD          your password
    --user-key USER_KEY          your userkey
    --limit[=LIMIT]              How many results to return
    --from-date[=FROMDATE]       Start date for results
    --to-date[=TODATE]           End date for results
    --output[=OUTPUT]            Output to file
    --kill-dups[=y]              Kill duplicate plazes
-h, --help                       Show this help message.