Slug: plugin-test Date: 2004-08-02 Title: Plugin Test layout: post

I'm testing a new plugin I'm working on, please be patient.

bill brown
sir not-appearing-in-this-film
This plugin works by looking in the post content for bits of text between 's (vertical bars), then checking to see if that text is in your links database. If it is, it replaces the pipe-text-pipe combo with the text, linked to the URL in your links db. The above links, bill brown , pixel , and nullgel , are all in my blogroll links category, and are therefore linked to their respective sites. Sir not-appearing-in-this-film is not, so the pipes are stripped and the text returned unlinked.
Caveat: for now, the regex I'm using is / ([_a-zA-Z0-9-s]+) /m, so no punctuation can be used in your link names. I consider this a bug, but have not worked out the regex yet. Grr. :-(