Slug: politics-blogs-and-fear Date: 2002-03-13 Title: Politics, Blogs, and Fear layout: post

More from Cam at SXSW:

1:52 PM: Doc asks the audience how many have political opinions that are left of center. Most of the audience raises their hands. He then asks how many people are afraid to talk about it on their weblogs.

This is interesting to me. I would have guessed the result of Doc's poll; the idea of being afraid because of it did not cross my mind. I would have liked to know the result of his second question. Personally, I find myself just right-of-the-middle (on most non-technology-related issues), but do not talk about it here in general. Why? Several reasons, not the least of which is getting skinned alive by the other 90% of webloggers. -)