Slug: priceline-comes-through Date: 2004-05-16 Title: Priceline Comes Through! layout: post

Jodi and I are going to San Diego for Memorial Day weekend. We originally thought we'd do the camping thing to be cheap, but after looking into the prices for camps (not as cheap as you might think) we decided that we may be able to get a hotel for not a whole lot more.

So… we decided to try our hand at and see what we could get. We were finding rates at other sites around $120 for a motel, so we decided to put in a lowball price (for a holiday weekend) at Priceline and specify that we wanted a 3-star hotel. :-)

Manchester Grand Hyatt

Well, Priceline came through! We ended up with a room at a 4-star hotel, the Manchester Grand Hyatt in downtown San Diego, and we're not paying much more than we would have for a campground!!