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Tonight I generated a series of 15 invite codes for Pushcode and send them out to some folks that have been interested in, or encouraging to, my work on the app. This is the first step in a new (hopefully long) journey, but it’s only the latest step in another long journey.

Confession: I’m a lousy entrepreneur. I lose focus quickly. I spin off on tangents, and back, until I’m dizzy. I’ve lost my mojo and let The Project lie fallow for weeks on end. I’ve let paying work take up more of my time than I intend, then beat myself up about it. Jodi, my wife and business partner, has patiently asked me “So, how’s Pushcode coming?” until I got myself back on track.

Don’t get me wrong - I love this product. I think it’s going to help a lot of individuals and companies do their jobs with more happiness. But I’ve been lousey at getting it out the door. It took a client pulling their contract - and giving me two unexpected weeks of free-ish time – to finally get me to commit to (the “pushing” puns never stop) pushing this thing out the door.

It’s got bugs - and glaring missing features - and I’m bold-faced enough to want to charge for it even in beta. I really think this is going to help people. Pushcode isn’t even the first tool on the block in this market of SaaS deploy tools. But I’m going to work to make it a great one, one that does enough to make you say “Wow, I’m glad I found this!” but perhaps not enough to require a new set of stickies that remind you where to go to accomplish a task.

If you’re doing web design or development, either freelance or in a small team, I hope you’ll read up on Pushcode and drop me a line - I’ll send you an invite and you can try it out.