Slug: putting-the-personal-back-in-personal-web-site Date: 2002-01-25 Title: Putting the personal back in "personal web site" layout: post

Dave linked to my comment about IDL in non-typed scripting environments, which is cool. I know I've gotten 50 or so hits from it. The link is appreciated - flow is nice. But I'd also like to know what Dave thinks of my idea, since it's relevant to his work and that of others in the scripting community.<p> I think sometimes we bloggers get on a roll, linking and blurbing, and it's easy to link to something in a very neutral "here it is, I have no opinion" manner. This is not a knock on Dave at all, it's something I do a good bit, and have seen many others do. <p> Maybe we need to take stock, and put a little more effort to make sure the "personal" shows up in our "personal web sites".</p></p>