Slug: pythonconversant-what-was-i-thinking Date: 2002-02-08 Title: “Python+Conversant: What was I thinking?” layout: post

I started seriously hacking on python last night. As I asked on #plex: "why do we always start with the most complex project we can think of when learning a new language?"<p> Anyway, I started on a python library/wrapper for Conversant's xml-rpc API. I've started this project in 3 different languages now, and I never get any farther than the last time. I suspect the problem lies in my somewhat weak OO design skills - transmogrifying a procedural API to an OO one is not an easy task.<p> This is no reflection on Conversant, BTW. Au contraire - Conversant's API is very OO considering the functional language it's built on. It's more the flattening nature of remote procedure APIs, and my own aforementioned weaknesses.</p></p>