Slug: racism-and-the-palestinians Date: 2001-09-06 Title: Racism and the Palestinians layout: post

I'm going to get into serious deep shit here I think, but I've been thinking a lot recently about the situation in Isreal and Palestine.

I have a lot more sympathy for the Palestinians now than I used to. Now sure why, but I believe that Israel's policy of attacking seemingly non-related targets and calling it a military operation is wrong. Very little in that conflic could be called Military. More like mutual revenge.

Israel is in a really tough situation, one they will likely never get out of short of dissolving the State of Israel. I wonder if the liberals in this country and others realize that? Working for peace is well and good, but the Palestinian people do not want peace with Isreal, they want Israel out of Palestine. They talk of peace (I believe) because it plays well to the international press.

Imagine with me for a moment…
[Disclaimer: I do NOT endorse the following scenario. It is hypothetical ONLY.]
The African-American population of the US is lead by religious and political leaders who justifiably feel that the black population has been downtrodden in the U.S. Their religious leaders are teaching that any black man that kills a white man garantees himself a place in heaven, and if he get's killed in the process (or blows himself to smithereens) he goes instantly to heaven. 3 times everyday from the black neighborhoods one can hear Soul music extolling good blacks everywhere to take up arms against the whites. About once a week, the news media report on a black man who walked into a cafe in a white neighborhood and sprayed the place down with Uzi fire. Or walked up to a crowded busstop before school and pushed the button on 10 pounds of C4 strapped to his chest.

What do you suppose the U.S. government response would be? I imagine it might look a lot like the Isreali gov't response. It might look a lot like the British gov't response in Ireland. There is no "right" way to respond to terrorism. When the perpetrator destoys his target and himself, there is no one identifiable left to punish. So the next target is the community from whence the terrorist came. Maybe if we teach them a lesson, they won't do it again, for fear of their loved ones or comrades being hurt. So in revenge another nameless "hero" sacrifices himself to kill as many of the "opressors" as possible. And the cycle continues.

Please take all this as what it is: just my recent thoughts on the topic. I'm not espousing a point of view, I don't have the answers. Lord knows I wish I did.

I'm going to tentatively ask for your thoughts. Please be respectful.