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My name is Steve Ivy, and I run I'm a web developer by trade, formerly of U-Haul, Compass Technology Management, CBN, and ArtLab Europe. My unofficial title could be web architect, designer, and Conversant/XML/R.E.M. evangelist.

Work Stuff

I discovered the web back in 1994, when Mosaic was really cool. The office I worked in as a graphic design production assistant was next door to the local ISP. I convinced the owner to get an account. To grind out a cliche: The rest was history. [I should clarify: I was not at all involved in the development of Ethicom's site. Pity- it's a nice site. -)]

In 1996 I found myself in Germany working for a great design studio, ArtLab Europe. I knew that the web thing was going to be big (honest!) and again convinced my boss (Thanks Joseph!) to let me do some investigating. Soon I was neck deep in FreeBSD, BBEdit, perl, and the Bare Bones Guide To HTML. We quickly found ourselves with a rock solid FreeBSD-based web server internally, and we transformed ArtLab into a graphic design and web design studio.

I also discovered UserLand Frontier in 1996. For a long time it was like discovering sliced bread. Check out Frontier here. Since then I discovered WebObjects, and I've been spoiled for web development ever since. Go Apple, go Apple, go Apple…

In 1998 I stumbled onto XML; totally by accident, even before there was an ArtLab was working with a client who was transforming XML-stored content into PageMaker-compatible markup and delivering it, simultaneously rendering a website. The penny dropped, and it's been a crusade of mine ever since, much to the annoyance of several groups of co-workers to date. Well, no one's perfect.

I'm certifiably crazy about Mac OS X. You should be too.

Other Stuff

I am a rabid, ok, maybe not rabid, but really really fan of R.E.M.. I missed seeing them in Hamburg, Germany when Bill Berry had something pop in his head, and darn it, they decided to skip some shows. Imagine that.

Should we talk about the weather?


So what do you do on an evening that you're bored and don't know what to do? Why, build a Mac Plus out of LEGO, of course!