Slug: redmonk-development-going-to-macworld-expo-san-fransisco Date: 2000-12-12 Title: Redmonk Development going to MacWorld Expo - San Fransisco layout: post

This afternoon I registered, along with Jodi, for the MacWorld Expo in San Fransisco. Wooooohooooo!!! I have always wanted to be at one of these events. So, Jan 9th through the 14th we'll be on the left coast, checking out San Fransisco and all that's new in the Mac Universe. ;-)

To document the trip, I've created a new MWSF 2001 section on the site, as well as a weblog, of course! In time, the MacWorld Expo section will get it's own template, with links to interesting tidbits as I see fit.

If anyone is going to be at MW, post a response to this message, and let's set up a time to meet and greet! All are welcome!

P.S. - I apologize, the weblog link is currently broken. Please be patient.

P.P.S. - Thanks to Flip from "Macrobyte", my MWSF weblog is now fixed!