Slug: rem-and-jesus-christ Date: 2002-12-20 Title: R.E.M. and Jesus Christ layout: post

I got my R.E.M. Fan Club Holiday Single today. It features two tracks, one of which is an actual Christmas song of unknown origin, called Jesus Christ. The other is called No Matter What.

I'm curious as to the origin of the Christmas song, Jesus Christ. Mike Mills (R.E.M.'s bassist) sings lead on it. I'm posting the lyrics below, and I'm attaching the mp3 of it to this message.

Jesus Christ
Angels from the realms of glory
The stars shone bright above
Royal David's city
Was bathed in light of Love Jesus Christ was born today
Jesus Christ was born
Jesus Christ was born today
Jesus Christ was born And lo they did rejoice
Strong and pure of voice
And the wrong shall fail
And the right prevail
				It has a sort of 60's folk feel to it - I could imagine Dylan or some such person singing it. If anyone recognizes it, I'd love to know the origin of the song!

<a –=”–” 01=”01” christ.mp3”=”Christ.mp3"” href=”<!–#enclosure filename=” jesus=”Jesus” linkonly=”true” urlonly=”true”>">01 Jesus Christ.mp3</a>