Slug: rem-around-the-sun Date: 2004-09-10 Title: R.E.M. - Around The Sun layout: post

R.E.M. Around The Sun Redux NEW R.E.M.!

The iTunes Music Store has a 3 minute montage of track snippets from R.E.M.'s upcoming album, Around The Sun. I can't wait.

>Get a free taste of R.E.M.'s new album, Around The Sun, with an iTunes-exclusive album sampler. This world premiere, "Around The Sun Redux," packs snippets of "Leaving New York," "Around The Sun," "Wanderlust," "Electron Blue," and "I wanted to Be Wrong" into one 3-minute melodic treat. Get it while it's hot, only on iTunes.

The album is due for release Oct. 4-5.