Slug: ride-1-a-cautionary-tale Date: 2001-06-21 Title: “Ride #1: A Cautionary Tale” layout: post

Ok, so, having really learned nothing from my first venture out on the Green Machine (affectionately monikered by it's current owner), I got the bike home last night and took it out for another jaunt. This one was a slightly longer trek - about 5 miles, all in the name of filling up the tires. The filling station down the street from me only had the for-pay ($0.50) air pumps, and I wasn't about to pay for air. <p>

So I started down the way to find another station. about 2 miles later I hit an Exxon, this one also only having the pay-for-air pumps. Sigh. I was already tired at this point (did I mention I'm out of shape?) so I decided to go for it. <p>

I got change from the cashier, and proceeded to top off the front tire. So sweat. The rear tire, which was only a bit spongy, was to prove to be a real PITA. The stem on the innertube was loose, so I fought with the pump and the stem and ended up letting most of the air out of the tire before managing to get it about half filled. I gave up and headed home on an almost-flat tire, which made the 2.5 miles back pretty slow!<p>

All in all though - I had fun, got some badly needed exercise, and made sure I won't forget to get the schrader-valve attachement for my 125 psi compressor at home!</p></p></p>