Slug: rock-star Date: 2002-09-01 Title: Rock Star! layout: post

A long time ago, I obtained some of the coolest silver metallic fabric. I wanted a Silver Shirt. A real, wild, back-beat bouncing techno thrashing Silver Shirt

Well, last year Jodi snuck off with my swath of silver fabric and spirited it away to Florida, where it was given unto her grandmother, she of the Magic Sewing Machine. Come last Christmas, Jodi presented me with The Shirt. It was silver, it flowed like water, it makes you want to go clubbing just to put it on.

I decided to wear it to the rehearsal for my brother's wedding last week. It was awesome.

Update: Jodi reminds me that I posted about the Silver Shirt right after i got it last Christmas. Now you can see it!