Slug: roepcke-scores-hat-trick Date: 2007-07-10 Title: Roepcke Scores Hat Trick layout: post


Jim Roepcke scored a hat trick (what's a hat trick?) in his most recent hockey game. I don't watch/play/understand hockey (seriously Jim, you need to translate "a quick one-timer wrist shot in the slot that went in five-hole" into something like english), but Jim's 3 goals sound just SWEET. In Jim's (hockey-lingo-peppered) words:

>The second goal, I swear I have never scored a nicer goal in my life and if I ever score one nicer I will have to pinch myself. I got the puck near centre-ice, picked the right defenseman… skated around him hard on the outside, cut hard right towards the net at the goal line, on my backhand (I shoot right), faked that I was going to go around the back of the net with the puck and then as I'm going behind the net I tuck the puck into the net just inside the post.

Jim's been practicing hard, skating his butt off (literally!) and his work is paying off. I sure wish I could have seen it!