Slug: rss-howto-the-return Date: 2000-10-23 Title: “RSS HowTo: The Return” layout: post

Just In Time

OK, so I finish up the "How-To: RSS in Conversant" just in time for "Macrobyte", bless their souls, to release the Advanced Search Page, which solved the problems I had with the normal Query Page.

To get up to speed, make sure you've read the first How-To. You don't have to do it all, just be familiar with the ideas.

Advanced Queries

Now, on to doing it "right", using the Advanced Query Page as the basis for our RSS feed. The two features that the Advanced Query Page gives us is 1) some great new date specifications, and 2) the ability to kill the query form and load the query automatically when the page loads. There's an example of the page we're building here. This version uses the same version of RSS as the first tutorial, version 0.91. I've also created a version that implements RSS 1.0.

First we're going to set up the Advanced Query Page.

[in progress]