Slug: rss-is-killing-web-design Date: 2005-02-23 Title: RSS is Killing Web Design layout: post

Ok, now that I've gotten the hysterical hyperbole out of the way, this is what I mean: reading well-designed web sites in an RSS read does nothing to stimulate my creative juices. I realized this today after opening a post from StopDesign in Firefox and going "sooooo beautiful! I should look at Doug's site more often!" It was then that I realized that reading all my sites in |NetNewsWire|, efficient as it is, is robbing me of the creative kick in the pants I get from browsing and reading gorgeous, beautifully-crafted, web-standards-based websites.

So, I started working on an applescript that will take any unread headlines in my "Design" group in NetNewsWire, open them in the browser, then mark them as read. This will keep me from perusing them in NNW, and force me to go check them out in the browser, hopfully giving myself the shot in the arm my design sense needs. Once I manage to get it working, I'll post it here.

Update: Open Unread In Group applescript. Change "Design" at the top to the name of whatever group you want to check for unread headlines to open.