Slug: rush-limbaugh-going-deaf Date: 2001-10-09 Title: Rush Limbaugh going deaf layout: post

I was just listening to Rush Limbaugh - something I hardly ever do anymore, since he's more of a blowhard now than ever… but I was in the car running errands earlier, and tuned in. It turns out Rush is going deaf, and has been for many months. He's wearing hearing aids now, and if his current medications do not help, he will probably be 100% deaf in a month or so.<p>

He's doing his show today more or less completely in silence, for him. He cannot hear callers, he cannot hear himself. His voice is a tad higher - more forced I think - but he is managing. He is likely going to continue his show (much to the Left's disappointment I suppose) but he is having to find ways to adapt. I think currently his callers are being transcribed in realtime for him, so he can follow along.<p>

Now, I know that Rush is one of those people that many folks either love or really really hate. But I have to admire someone who sticks with it the way he seems to be - even in a profession where being deaf would seem an insurmountable obstacle. I hope he finds his way, and can continue doing what he loves.<p>

BTW - I can't find any links online to confirm what I heard on the show, hopefully more details will come out later. I wonder if there's a service out there that does transcripts for radio shows that don't do their own?</p></p></p>