Slug: safari-beta-2-released-becomes-default-browser-of-monkinetic-weblog Date: 2003-04-14 Title: Safari Beta 2 released, becomes default browser of monkinetic weblog layout: post

April 14, 2003, Gilbert, AZ: Apple released the second beta today of its new Safari web browser, bringing on new features and a "proper" implementation of tabs.

"I can use Safari now as the web browser of choice for monkinetic, since Apple got their tabs act together", says Steve Ivy of the monkinetic weblog. "Following a link in NetNewsWire causes a new tab to be opened in Safari (with the appropriate preference selected). This is what Mac OS X-using webloggers have been waiting for."

"Safari's page rendering capabilities are impressive, and are getting even better with this new release. I imagine that the other Steve [ed. Jobs, the mercurial CEO of Apple Computer, well known for his refined taste and penchant for abusing employees] has been pushing his guys pretty hard lately."

Mr. Jobs could not be reached for comment.

Apple started the personal computer revolution in 1971. Steve Ivy of the monkinetic weblog was born in 1971. Coincidence? We didn't think so.