Slug: save-the-cheetahs Date: 2010-02-12 Title: Save the Cheetahs! layout: post

The Cheetah Conservation Fund is holding a Run for the Cheetah in Phoenix in April, and my Cheetah-obsessed daughter is trying to raise $200 (or more!!) to help SAVE THE CHEETAHS! Kindly consider donating a few $bucks to help her out?

I am excited because I’m going to do the Run for the Cheetah! When you sponsor me, your donation will help the Cheetah Conservation Fund with their work in saving the endangered Cheetah! I’m trying to raise $200 to help save cheetahs. Please consider donating $5, $10, or more to help me reach my goal. – Addy’s Giving Page

Go! Now! Help save the Fastest Land Animal In The World!