Slug: say-hello-to-webkit Date: 2005-06-08 Title: Say Hello to WebKit! layout: post

Oh cool! Apple has open sourced the complete WebKit underpinning the Safari web browser.

Say Hello to WebKit!:

"As some of you may have heard at WWDC Monday, the Safari team is proud to announce that we are making significant changes in the way we operate, and these changes start today.
  1., the new web site for WebKit, WebCore and JavaScriptCore.
  2. Full CVS access to WebCore and JavaScriptCore, our frameworks based on khtml and kjs. This repository includes the complete history of the project, so all patches past and present can be viewed.
  3. WebKit, the Objective-C API that wraps WebCore, is also being open sourced. It is in the same CVS repository.

(Via Surfin' Safari.)