Slug: schema-based-programming Date: 2000-09-26 Title: Schema-based Programming layout: post

This is the link. I’m putting it here so I can find it later. This article is about XML, but it contains this high-quality quote re: the MVC architecture:

“Full-fledged MVC apps can have one other attribute: they can be event-driven. That is, when the user interacts with the application there is an event at the system level; controllers sense that event. Then, based on the controller’s interpretation of the system event, the Controller manipulates the API exposed by the Model to effect a change in the Model’s data. The Model, in turn, propagates a program-level event to all registered Views, and those Views then jump into action and look back to the Model to update the display of information for which they, and only they, are responsible. This enables MVC apps to be loosely-coupled and to be very effective, flexible and robust.”

This article also goes into some other model-twisting ideas about XML, content, documents, and programming. I like it. I really need to get out more - I’m missing things like this I should have seen earlier.