Slug: scoble-re-newton-v-tabletpc Date: 2003-02-18 Title: “Scoble re: Newton v. TabletPC” layout: post

Robert Scoble responds to my last post:

They all miss the point. By putting ink into a real OS and not just a Palm device, Microsoft has brought us something dramatically new. Apple never had that vision with the Newton

I agree that Apple never had that vision. But when I (and I presume others) envision the Newton circa 2003, it's a device like the TabletPC - say, 8"x11", running Mac OS X. There's already ink for OS X, but no hardware platform. I think that if Apple had followed up on what people were going to want with the Newton, then we'd be there by now.

And to be clear, when I said "no one would be talking about the TabletPC right now" I meant that a tablet pc would not be news, it'd be "PC vendors today followed Apple's successful 2000 launch of the Mac Slate, with the introduction of the some-such tablet pc and (why do we need another version of) Windows TabletPC Edition". I actually meant no slam to NEC - I think the TabletPC is a great hardware platform, and I only wish that Apple had not given up on the Newton and had instead allowed it to mature into what we all wanted it to be.