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Visual Design

You have but a moment to capture your audience. It need only take the mere corner of a page to draw them in. With a degree in graphic design and years of experience in print, multimedia, and web design, I can work with you to discover the key visual elements and themes that will effectively communicate the essence and mission of your organization. I can create basic logo designs to full corporate identities, print publications, product packaging design, web sites, intranet or extranet interface designs, and GUI's for web or desktop applications.

Web Development

In today's business environment, when a customer enters your organization's website, he is walking through your front door. Everything he sees and experiences impacts his decision to conduct business with you… or to walk away. I have been developing and implementing online communications systems since 1995 and have programmed on a wide variety of platforms. I can help you define your needs, refine content and message, architect and build the site, program any necessary applications, and test and deploy the site.

Communications Consulting

Information exchange is no longer a static experience nor is any organization a constant. Communications have expanded beyond a simple email or web page to dynamic systems that allow for discussion, learning, exchange of ideas, and even commerce. I can help you identify your existing communication processes and design a system that will enable efficient information exchange that suits your organization's unique structure and needs. Intelligent intranets, content management systems, site management frameworks, site directories, interdepartmental weblogs, discussion forums, and much more can be implemented to improve the communication structures within your organization.