Slug: set-up-your-own-github-backed-notational-velocity Date: 2011-02-10 Title: Set up your own Github-backed Notational Velocity layout: post

When I last posted, I described how I was using a Github-backed wiki as my notes directory in Notational Velocity (and the fork I use, nvalt). That post got some interest, so I decided to try and make the process a bit easier by creating a project for it on GitHub: Veloci-Wiki. In nutshell, once you have a github wiki checked out locally, you checkout Veloci-Wiki and pass the path to your wiki clone to the setup script:

veloci-wiki% perl <path/to/your/wiki/clone>

…and Veloci-wiki creates and installs the launchd config file for you, which runs the script (in the veloci-wiki repo) against your wiki checkout anytime a file is changed, added, or removed there, pushing the changes to your Github wiki:

Full instructions are in the README. Happy hacking, and you can report any issues on Github, leave a comment, or email me (steveivy @ gmail).