Slug: sgannt Date: 2003-03-31 Title: Sgannt layout: post

Big surprise, I hacked on some more this weekend, and it's now called Ostensibly for Simple Gannt (though it's not so simple anymore) but more because it sounds cool to pronounce it "scant". -)

The one thing I really like about sgannt is that it's personal. I designed the chart format, trying to keep it simple but attractive. I want my clients to feel comfortable looking at it, and get all the information I can give them. It's not perfect, and hopefully it will get better, but I think I've struck a good balance between information design and visual design.

Sgantt now reads an OPML file on stdin as input, and generates very nice PDF. It has it's own config file format (modelled after analog's since that's the format I've been using most recently) where I can spec fonts, margins, banner colors, default line widths and column marker colors. This has been a really good experience for me, and I'm going to write up a howto soon on some of the technologies involved, to hopefully save someone else some of the headaches I had.

Granola Gannt