I’m sick-ish tonight. A headache and lots of tiredness is making blogging slow and groggy.

We’re trying to get Allaire’s JRun working on either Windows NT or Linux. We have a project that we want to use servlets for, and JRun seems to have a good reputation… but man, it’s hard to get configured properly. We’ve gotten 2.3.3 working temporarily, then it stopped. De-install, try 3.0. 3.0 on Linux (Mandrake) is finally installed and sort-of working. The demo servlets run, but only in the default directory - not in any of the other directories the docs say will work. Of course, my test servlet won’t run anywhere. Most frustrating.

It was very easy to get Suns Java web Server running, and get servlets working, but JWS is very limited, and doesn’t run behind IIS, which is a requirement.