Slug: sid-080-ready-for-alpha-soon Date: 2002-09-22 Title: Sid 0.8.0 ready for alpha soon layout: post

Well, it's been a long road, but the next version of Sid is going to go alpha soon. I can't believe it, myself. After being out of work for several months now I finally decided to get myself back into some Cocoa development - Sid being a priority.

So what's new? Well…

  • Spellchecking in the post form.
  • A completely overhauled layout, including a settings panel that actually makes sense.
  • The ability to post from the Preview panel.
  • The ability to select which weblog in the Conversation to post to.
  • A major launch speed improvement, due to the fact that this version of Sid is all OS X native Objective-C - no JRE to launch.
  • I'm using Apple's WebServicesCore API now, which should minimize API changes in the future (hey! I can dream...)
  • A clever new About box!