Slug: signlog-1-introduction Date: 2007-04-03 Title: “SignLog #1: Introduction” layout: post

I've wanted to try this for a while, and is one of the few reasons I'd put myself on camera on this site. :-) I'm going to start a signing vlog, and I'll try to post whenever I can.

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I'll transpose it later when I'm not feeling stupid. Feel free to comment, post corrections, etc. if you can understand my garbled signing. Cheers!

Hi! My name is Steve Ivy. I'm a student of ASL. Today I want to start a vlog about studying sign language, about what we're learning, watching, seeing, talking about, etc.

Tonight in class we watched "Through Deaf Eyes". It's a movie, well, a documentary, from PBS about the history of Deaf Culture. Tonight we watched half the movie, it was really interesting! I'm excited to see the second half of the movie on… Wednesday.

Ok, that's enough for my first try! Thanks!

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