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Video Blogging Week 2207 Continues!

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Good morning! Last night, Jodi and I watched Law and Order: Criminal Intent. It was a good show I think - it had a lot of Deaf actors. I had two problems with the plot. First, it showed, like, that deaf people hear nothing - silent. I think that's not really true.

The second problem - the plot was not really that great - the writing was not great. I think the show's producers wanted to show a lot of different opinions about deaf culture, cochlear implants, etc., and then there was not a lot of time left for good plot development. :-)

So… if you want to learn more about (this is for my hearing friends) if you want to learn more about how deaf people really hear/experience sound, you need to visit .


For my hearing friends, if you want to learn more about what deaf people really hear, or can't hear, or what their world is like, visit , it's a group blog by a variety of deaf and hard of hearing people, and they discuss issues of… hearing aids, and how they hear things, and, whow they experience life. So, it's really interesting you should check it out.


Thanks you - bye!

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