Slug: sitelight-brand-new Date: 2007-06-22 Title: “SiteLight: Brand New” layout: post

After a long dim spell, today the SiteLight shines again! Brand New is a design blog dedicated to dissecting corporate re-branding efforts and bringing you the autopsy.

###What is this site?

Brand New is run by the mysterious duo of Armin and Bryony, and follows a simple formula: the logo before the re-brand, the logo after, and a few paragraphs of commentary. Past targets have included Dairy Queen (“Dreary Queen”), Portland State University (“Linking Design with Academia”), and The Neilsen Company (“The Nine Dots Of The Apocalypse”).

###Why I read this site:

Currently a web UI developer (code monkey with crayons), I come out of a graphic/identity design education/background, and reading Armin’s writing makes me feel re-connected to the principles I “grew up with”, especially since few if any of the brands deconstructed so far have been trendy web brands.

###Why you should read this site:

If you’re a designer in any area, Brand New will give you a brain boost. If you’re in brand/identity work, pay attention lest your latest portfolio piece be served up hot off a grill!

###Q & A:

I had a brief email conversation with Armin over the last few days, enjoy!

Steve: Brand New is a part of underconsideration, which seems to be mostly a wrapper around Speak Up, Quipsologies, TDE, and Brand New. What is underconsideration, and how did the idea of Brand New come about?


Steve: Who are you and Bryony, and how did you end up started a web publishing empire? :-)


Steve: I’ve really appreciated the breadth of variety of brands that come up for um “consideration” on Brand New. I love that so few of them are web companies, and I feel like that keeps me connected to the larger world of design and identity. What is it about a re-branding that grabs your attention and merits a blog post?