Slug: six-apart-day-1 Date: 2008-09-16 Title: Six Apart, Day 1 layout: post

New Office Closeup

I woke this morning with no commute ahead of me. What was this? Time to think?

Nope. Time to ride! I got up and went for a very short (2 mi) bike ride to get a pound of coffee from Dunkin Donuts, whose coffee I really like. Turned out the DD I was headed to doesn’t open for another week. Crum. So I turned around, and rode another 2 mi to the Starbucks, where I traded shiny gold rocks for a pound of rather more expensive Anniversary blend beans - although I must say this morning’s coffee was not bad. I’m going to have to investigate buying Peet’s over the internet, though. Finally, ride the last mile home.

Note to self: Ride more, you’re pathetic. After riding it was a quick dip in the pool, the shower, coffee, do some dishes, another coffee, and - time for work!

Walk to the guestroom/office, put on some tunes, and log into mail, intranet, IRC. Hey, new friends! Overall my day was spent getting access to various resources, “meeting” my fellow employees in IRC/IM/Skype, getting familiar with how the team does things, and getting my first assignments.

Yeah, this is going to be awesome.

Highlights of the day:

  • Meals with the family
  • Putting Sophie on the bus and meeting her bus driver
  • Taking breaks and getting to hang with the kids