Slug: somethingsomethingelsesomethingspecific Date: 2008-12-17 Title: “Something:somethingelse=somethingspecific” layout: post

Every once in a while someone links to some bit of my “stuff” that I had completely forgotten about, and it’s kinda fun.

On Monday, Aaron at Flickr posted to their Code.Flickr blog about machine tags, and linked to a chat between Jeremy Keith and I that had made it onto my tumblr blog, echoloquation.

Firstly, of course, you developer types should read the post. It’s very informative, and even more, useful as Flickr is introducing some cool work around machine tags.

Secondly, it reminded me that I still had that echoloquation lifestream blog, and how cool I still think the idea is. I may rebuild it soon as an MT Action Streams site, which I can host on my own server. Yay, another project! I mean, wait…