Slug: song-memory Date: 2006-11-22 Title: Song Memory layout: post

In response to Ethan:

Head Over Feet by Alanis Morissette: Falling in love with her, again.

Gloria, U2 - learning guitar for the first time, hammering out that riff over and over and over

Document, R.E.M. - road tripping with Don, Document and Lifes Rich Pageant alternating in the truck CD player

Lemon, Paul Oakenfold - that guy Ryan in college that introduced me to techno.

Turn You Inside-Out, R.E.M. - sweating over a media-analysis term paper in school on the music of R.E.M. What were you thinking, Michael?

Even Flow, Pearl Jam - Mowing the lawn for my girlfriend's dad in high school. Hot, sweaty, grass stains and headphones.

Bullet With Butterfly Wings, Smashing Pumpkins - the SP concert in Hamburg, Germany where I crowd-surfed for the first and last time

MoFo, U2 - the U2 concert in Munich where I danced with a girl I'd never met (and whose language I did not speak) for an hour to Howie D's beats before U2 came on (Howie D also DJed for some of their first songs in the set).

Orange Crush, R.E.M. - Working construction in late 1989, trying to rock out to what would soon become the important band in my life while NOT falling off the steel girder I was standing on (3 stories up).

Kid Fears, Indigo Girls - Hurting for the hurting people in my life, 1993.

Two Step, Dave Matthews Band - creating the letter, nay, work of art, re-declaring my love for her, 1997.

These are only some of the notes in the soundtrack of my lifeā€¦ perhaps when I'm back at my iTunes library I'll find some more.