Yeah, I’ve watched it about 55 times now. See for yourself:

Naturally I’m squueeeeeeeee-ing every time I watch, it, but I also have a few thoughts:

The music, oh my goodness the music. It’s spare and starts as something not immediately recognizable as one of the SW themes, but it’s simply gorgeous and flows into the John Williams scores we know and love.

The dialog is haunting, but also feels a bit like a reading of the character motivation notes:

“I’m no one.”

Rey (with Luke’s “I gotta get off this planet” look)

“I was raised to do one thing… But I’ve got nothing to fight for.”


“I will finish… what you started.”

Kylo Ren (crushing on Vader)

It already feels like Star Wars, more than the prequels ever did. SO EXCITE.