Slug: subscribing-to-this-sites-mailing-list Date: 2003-01-01 Title: Subscribing to this site’s mailing list layout: post

Not many people may know that this site is also a mailing list! That's right - messages posted to this site are delivered to the mailing list, and replies on the list appear here on the site as well.

If you'd like to subscribe to this site's mailing list, you can send an email (subject and body do not matter) to

Subscribing to the mailing list will have the added effect of making you a member of the website. As such, you can also use the web interface to post new messages, and to respond to posts on the weblog as well as posts by other members. You can login to the website here. (If you'd like to be able to participate on the website without subscribing to the mailing list you can also do so here).

If you're already a member of this site but have not subscribed to the mailing list, subscribing in the manner described above will turn on the email subscription without modifying any other user settings. (Rest assured, it will not duplicate your membership to the site.)