Never thought I’d be including “Microsoft Gets It” in a blog post, but here we are. Microsoft has been targeting “creatives” with their recent commercials (as seen continuously on the shows on Apple TV CBS app), and while the comparisons between the Surface pro and the Mac are a bit disingenuous, replace them with this product and the ads are dead on.

The Surface Studio is a new iMac-style PC from Microsoft (is this their first actual desktop product?) that captures the iMac spirit in an interesting, lays-nearly-flat design that includes touch/pen features in the screen.

Surface Studio

Honestly if I saw this image without knowing who it was I’d half-expect to see it running Mac OS. It’s got all the specs, and the Surface line has - so far - has had excellent industrial design and durability. It’s good work, and Apple honestly needs the competition. The Mac line has stagnated for a number of years now, it’s time for some new energy in the market.

Surface Studio "flat" mode