Slug: t-2-days Date: 2005-07-23 Title: T-2 days layout: post

Well, I've been pretty quiet lately, especially given the momentous process Jodi and I are in the middle of. It's now T-2 days until Jodi and I get on a plane bound for London, then to Kiev, Ukraine, to find and adopt our first child! Remarkably, I'm not stressed too much. If you've not been following along, have a browse through Jodi's Adoption Week-by-week posts to catch up. This has been a crazy year, but we have been surrounded by friends and family who have been simply amazing - the level of emotional, spiritual, and financial support has blown us away. Our child will be brought into an environment that is primed and ready for him/her! God is so good!

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us in every way. We love you guys.