Slug: testing-votelinks Date: 2006-12-19 Title: Testing VoteLinks layout: post

In a recent 24 Ways entry, Jeremy Keith described how to Boost Your Hyperlink Power through the use of the a tag's rev attribute and the VoteLinks microformat.

I thought that was pretty neat, so I first created some VoteLinks icons, then wrote some jQuery code to look for rev="vote-for" attributes on anchors on this page and add the vote-for icon to the link on mouseover. It's hacky right now, but after I get some smaller icons (LazyWeb alert!) it will not look as janky…

Oh, better test vote-against too. And here's a vote-for for a kuler API testing post to test my Vote-Via-Trackback plugin. (Hm. back to the drawing board on that one.)

P.S. oh, my is it b0rk in Safari. Sorry, Mac brothers. Fixes once I can get some more time.