Slug: that-same-flower Date: 2002-07-07 Title: That Same Flower layout: post

Jodi and I went to the central Phoenix Library today, to pick up several books. We left with the two I needed, plus one other of interest: That Same Flower, by Jostein Gaarder (review).

Jostein Gaarder made a big impression on me in Sophie's World, a fantastic and novel (literally) trip through western philosophy. His writing style is very creative, and at the same time very educational.

That Same Flower is (supposedly - it's hard to tell) a translation of a long-lost letter to St. Augustine from his anonymous lover, mentioned several times in his Confessions. It brings up topics of life, love, women, and medieval (and modern) Christianity. I've read about half of it so far (it's quite short) and it is intriguing. I'll try and post more when I've finished it.